Trip to Vegas 2016


The first thing I got to say is that the trip to Vegas was super awesome. That was the first time I went out of state after three years living in the U.S. I made a promise to my friends that I would visit them in Vegas when they graduate from school, so I kept my words. Vegas somehow completed the other half of my American dream. Words can't ever be enough to describe my impression of the city. That was a lot of fun and craziness. I wished I could stay there couple more days but all fun came to and end. I'll make it back to Vegas a day not far for sure.




This was an unplanned work that happened during my summer vacation in Vietnam back in 2015. The head of the project was a friend and co-worker that I had worked with in couple various project from commercials to music video. Somehow, the guy who took care of visual effects tasks left the project behind then he hit me up. Working during vacation time was not really pleasure but it was what it was. I just couldn't refuse when friends ask for help, haha. 

I only worked on the project partially being responsible for the improvement of parts that the client wasn't happy about. Basically, I took care of compositing tasks, which includes green screen replacement, color correction, adding background, lens flare, and creating particles and animation. Picking up what the guy left behind was really a pain in the a*s. I gave up after couple first hours trying to deal with the left behind files then I decided to build everything up again from scratch. 

...below is the full viral video

Parts that I was working on...