Video Production

URBAN JAM 2011 - 2016


It has been more than five years since the first time I became the media sponsor for URBAN JAM – an annual hip hop competition event in Vietnam. It is my pleasure to look back how far the event has grown and how better my skills have been improved after all.


This is the recap video from Urban Jam 2016 that I had done recently. I didn't get a chance to film the event like I did before since I wasn't in Vietnam when things happened. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of my team (Redfilms) and other video volunteers who provided me such wonderful footages to edit the video.


Back to 2011, when I first filmed and edited recap video for Urban Jam (the 3rd one). I didn't have much experience in videography and editing at that time but after all, the video turned out okay haha.


This is the first poster design I did for UJ – which was the first in the series of UJ posters I had done since then. I was pretty much happy with the design that I had to admit that was my best piece so far back then, but now, I know there is so much room to improve the piece.


Not only the poster, the recap video I did for Urban Jam 4 was my best video at the time also. I miss the good old days that I could spend all day shooting the event. The UJ 4 was the most successful one in the series in my opinion that I had so much fun and memories during the event.

We skipped a year because of financial issue. I created this poster in 2013 but sadly, we couldn't make it that year, but until 2014. I also couldn't do the video that time since I left my country in 2013 to study aboard.

So once again, I came back to Urban Jam. The UJ 2016 became a mini event of Hue Festival (A traditional festival) since we needed financial support and sponsors. That was the reason behind the look of the poster I created. It doesn't look "hip hop" at all but it is what it is. You can find this piece featured on my website as well.

Finally, I wanna say thank to all my homies, my brothers, and sisters who had dedicated so much to the event. I'm looking forward to creating something awesome for the next one.


Trip to Vegas 2016


The first thing I got to say is that the trip to Vegas was super awesome. That was the first time I went out of state after three years living in the U.S. I made a promise to my friends that I would visit them in Vegas when they graduate from school, so I kept my words. Vegas somehow completed the other half of my American dream. Words can't ever be enough to describe my impression of the city. That was a lot of fun and craziness. I wished I could stay there couple more days but all fun came to and end. I'll make it back to Vegas a day not far for sure.




My recent work on a TVC for Condotel Panorama Nha Trang. Panorama Nha Trang is a five-star hotel & apartment not yet build located in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

To be clear, the TVC was originally created by TU Time Universal agency and E5 JSC (An architecture visualization firm). Thus, most of the CG render throughout the video were generated by E5 JSC.

According to the project's client, Ha Quang land (a real estate firm), the original video editing and music choice needed to be improved. So my responsibility was to make the video better. Basically, I re-edited the video, added & replaced couple footages, created a short logo motion graphic for the intro part, inserted smooth transition, adjusted voice over, picked differents music and arranged couple sound effects. Then, the clients were pleased with the revised one and that made me happy (: 

Learn more about Panorama at: