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Phở Hà



It has been really awhile since my last post on my own website. After a year long crazy busy working in the industry, I almost forgot about the existence of my website (I posted works on my Instagram more frequency indeed). Until the notice of subscription due this year, I realized that I had paid for thing I don't use for a whole year so it's totally time for me to update what I have worked on last year on my website. The first to come is a menu design for Phở Hà restaurant - I designed their logo and worked on couple print designs like business cards and their old menu as well. Since the client was planning to re-model their restaurant to the old Sai Gon style, so they asked for a brand new menu that matches the new look of the place. I chose an old paper texture for the background demonstrating sign of aging. The aged paper works really well with a font that simulates the typical lettering style people use on storefront signs in Sai Gon during 70s - 80s.