It's true that when you had done good works for a client in the first round, they keep coming back for you. It's also good that you are capable handling multi aspects of media. After I worked on revising a TVC video (you guys can find a blog that I posted not long ago regarding the work), the client asked if I could create an invitation card design for their real estate launch events. I took the offer. The good thing is that they keep coming back for me for other projects and somehow, I feel like I have become their full-time media employee.

 Basically, the idea is that I took the shape of the real estate project's logo to apply on the overall shape of the invitation card. I preferred to keep it simple but still expensive. 

Black version

This one came up before the tiffany blue one since I wanted to achieve a high class and luxury look but the client wanted it to evoke the project's characteristics (the building locates next to the sea). 

Other concepts (They did not go through the first round tho, haha)